At Severn Care we deliver the very best person-centred holistic care for adults with a wide range of learning difficulties.  To do this, we provide a service that meets the needs of every individual to live as independently as possible, whilst enjoying all the support and encouragement they need and require.

We offer outstanding residential accommodation with a beautiful outdoor environment in a picturesque rural setting. 
The Gatwick House location offers a 4 bedroom house with substantial living, dining and kitchen facilities with additional boot room, bathroom and wet room. Each of the beautifully designed, spacious bedrooms have panoramic views and en-suite facilities.

We also have 10 individual one bedroom bungalows. These have been designed to cater for those individuals who do not suit a multiple occupancy home, and who need high levels of individual support. These bungalows are bespoke to meet the needs of the individual residents. Both the house and the bungalows are staffed to reflect the needs of the individuals living in them.

Aims and Objectives

Residential Care is just one part of the service we provide. We also offer tailor made day care and educational programmes that encompass a wide range of stimulating, enjoyable and fulfilling activities.

Severn Care’s team of professional staff are committed to delivering a high quality service in a homely environment that supports every individual service user’s requirements.  We are committed to providing:

  • 24 hour residential care (without nursing) designed around the specific needs of the individual.
  • Individual day care programmes for individuals that utilise both on-site facilities and the resources available in the wider community.
  • A motivated, trained and supported staff team that provide the highest quality care.
  • A homely environment where individuals feel at ease and develop their full potential.
  • A home that assists and encourages all individuals to contribute to the running of the home on a daily basis.
  • A home that enables individuals to experience new opportunities.



Education and Development are a key priority within our service.  We will ensure that every individual enjoys excellent educational and developmental opportunities. All support is planned and structured to help individuals live the most fulfilling and rewarding life possible.  

We believe it is important to empower all individuals to take an active role in the care process and the running of their home. To achieve this we regularly consult them.

We are committed to working as part of a team with family, friends and advocates of individuals.  We encourage them to become actively involved in the development of care, educational and activity programmes, increasing the wellbeing support the individual receives. 

Working in partnership

We have a very good working relationship with our local CLDT, Primary Care and Local Authorities. We constantly strive to design and deliver new Person Centred, needs-led services, focusing on choice and independence, enabling people to lead fulfilled lives within their local community.

Everything we do at Gatwick House is guided by the people who use our services, their personal needs and the choices they wish to make. We listen carefully to people and their families and carers. All family and staff members are invited to each residents review meetings, for valuable input and feedback, and to continue to keep the structure and consistency of support needed to meet their needs.

Only by fully understanding every person's unique needs can we support them effectively and help them fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

My Plan

Everyone we support has their own unique My Plan, which is a person centred and fluid document, designed to support an individual's personal choices and aspirations and focuses on what is needed to make that happen.

At Severn Care we are able to present the plans in a way that is meaningful to each individual and includes them in the process. My Plans truly show what a person is like by using the many media that are available to us, though pictures, music, film, spoken word drawings and much more.

“Person centred planning means that I get to plan my life the way I want. It doesn’t mean that I have to do it on my own. It means that other people who I like and trust help me on my terms” 

Resident's statement



For further information regarding placements in our services please call 01452 760164.

Future Availability

Do you have a client that you think would benefit from living here at Severn Care? If so, please click here and leave your/their details so that they may be considered as and when a space in our home becomes available